About Us

Golden Eggs are mortgage brokers with a big difference. We show young people on a career path how to have the best of both worlds

by becoming awesome at saving and building a property portfolio to help them retire young

while giving them the freedom to have great holidays every year and spend their fun money, guilt-free.

Founders Story

My name is Max Phelps and my 3 great loves are my wife, Kelly, property investing and sharing what I know with others.

I spent 15 years on a career path with a multinational and thought the secret to success was to get promoted and earn more. I soon realised that the more I earned, the more we (Kelly) spent! I then reorganised our bank accounts to be better at saving and started investing in property.

Wanting to do something more fulfilling, I jumped off the career ladder to become a full time teacher and part-time property investor, but found that my UK teaching qualification wasn’t accepted in Australia. I began mortgage broking to stay involved with property, while I figured out how to get back into teaching. I quickly realised that there were a small minority of people who manage their money the way I do, who were great at saving and investing and the vast majority who had never been shown a better way and still managed their money the way I used to.

After 3 years with a badly run mortgage franchise group, I left and started Golden Eggs to focus more on educating adults how to invest in property for long term gain and manage their income to help build bigger deposits and pay off debts more quickly. A far better calling than my couple of years teaching Pythagoras and algebra, and having to answer the dreaded question asked of every high school teacher of “how is this going to help me in life”!

I’m now lucky enough to: still be dating Kelly every week, almost 29 years since we first met; collect rent every month from 15 tenants and; be building more and more educational tools to help our clients solve some of their biggest problems:

1. We don’t want to work forever.
If we could have the choice to retire at 50, we might still work, but having that choice is important.

2. We feel guilty about spending money.
We love our lifestyle and don’t want to give it up, but worry that spending money is a bad thing.

3. We don’t want to be in debt forever.
Everyone says we should buy property, but the debts are huge and we don’t want to be tied to being in debt forever.

All these problems are quite manageable, with the right guidance and structure, and we are looking for more clients that we can work with over the coming 20 or so years. We want to make a positive difference in your future and be there to enjoy it with you and overcome the changes that happen with life.

We also do the things that normal brokers do, with access to multiple lenders, and work with you to understand your needs, we’ll ensure a loan outcome that is not only at the best rate available, but suited to your long-term needs.


To begin the process, we make it easy by offering the choice of meeting at our offices, or coming to meet you at a time and place that suits you, 7-days a week. Once you become a client, you will have access to our services and expertise at all times – even after your property settles. Our goal is to ensure you are thrilled with your investment decision and where appropriate, provide on-going advice and support to help you secure financial independence by adding to your property portfolio.

We also offer free-of-charge, an annual review for our clients to ensure you, your loan and the property are operating smoothly and where required, improve or refine any of the processes.

“We understand the stress and emotion that is often behind the decision to invest.”

Benefit by using us

At Golden Eggs Home Loans, we work through your short-term and long-term property needs, educating you on all available options and explaining why different loan products may suit your needs at different times. With so many choices available, we guide you through the process and fully explain the benefits and risks of each option. When you are ready to apply for a loan, we look after the whole process, from the paperwork to liaising with the lender, your real estate agent, solicitor or conveyancer. Along the way, we keep you up-to-date and are always available for any questions you may have.

We have access to an extensive panel of lenders and a wide range of loans, which means we can help you find a solution to meet your circumstances and requirements. It is not just about helping you find a loan for now, we want to understand your goals and dreams and help you make better informed decisions, with the right structures to help you get there. We provide ongoing support and strive to build a long-term relationship with regular follow up to ensure your loan continues to be a suitable choice, or help you with any adjustments.

Come and see why we are different.

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