Why use a mortgage broker over a bank?

Quite simply, a bank’s goal is to sell you a loan or other banking products. More importantly, a bank operates on a no-advice model as they typically don’t have the expertise, flexibility or in many cases, even the interest in assisting you to structure a loan to suit your needs.

A good mortgage broker, however, can not only offer you the same loans as the banks and lenders, but given their access to a large range of them, can identify a loan product that best suits your needs.

Our mortgage brokers take this a step further and offers insight into loan options you may not have realised existed. These options will ensure your loan is structured in such a way that it helps you reduce your overall costs as well as guide and support you along the path of collecting your own Golden Eggs!

The benefits and downsides

The Bank
The bank is unlikely to take into account your long-term plans
The bank will only have limited products and always recommend their own
Banking staff are typically not investors
There is no financial advantage in going direct to the bank